jueves, junio 02, 2005

PoP BiTcH *

Hace poco me subscribí a la newsletter de PopBitch, una suerte de actualización semanal de los chimentos de las celebridades norteamericanas.
En la columna de Media Whore hay cosas fantásticas, realmente entretenidas...
Por ejemplo, ésta "nota" del regreso de Geri (LA AMO, LA AMO, LA AMO, UNA SOLA VEZ ME COMPRÉ SU DISCO SOLISTA!)

>> Goodbye Ginger <<
Geri finally flames out

Poor Geri's comeback single is barely in the
top 20 and everyone is now speculating that this
is goodbye to her pop career. It's sad but
probably for the best. The world of pop is too
fragile to sustain such comedy forever. But the
celebrity world is a better place with Geri in
it. After all, she's the woman who goes to the
dentist then pays by writing a cheque out to
"the dentist". She sends her tuna carpaccio
back in a restaurant because it's not
"properly cooked". And she pinches Prince
Charles' bum.

So, help us find a use for Geri... Popbitch
readers - what should she do next?

Email hello@popbitch.com with your suggestion.
(Best answers win a portrait of Harry the Shitzu.)