jueves, marzo 23, 2006


Coming soon on ITV - a "football and entertainment"
show fronted by Robbie Williams.

>> Reasons to be cheerful <<
People having a worse month than you

1. Indian farmer D Jaggalah died after drinking
bootleg booze. Villagers at his cremation raised
a glass to toast their friend, but used the
same batch of alcohol that killed Jaggalah.
Ten funeral goers were poisoned. And died.

2. Sam McGilton, a 72 year-old West Virginia man
was arrested while being caught masturbating
in a library, while wearing a flowery dress,
red stilettos and a bouffant woman's wig. Photo:

3. Dog Condoms Inc had to recall their product
due to "an unacceptable failure rate resulting
in canine pregnancies." Plus the meat-scented
rubbers were proving too tempting, and
proving to be a choking hazard.

4. Richard Parker from Felixstowe got drunk in
his local pub, undressed, urinated in the pocket
of the pool table, stuck a pool ball between
his arse cheeks, walked through the pub and
deposited it in a drip tray at the bar. Richard
was sentenced to 28 days in prison.

A man looking "like a giant kid" was arrested at a
store in Georgia for humping a manikin. He said, "she
had the nicest set of tits I'd seen in a long time.

Prominent Kabbalah preacher Rabbi David Basri says
bird flu is the fault of gays, and has come to Israel
because of the campaign to legalise gay marriage.

Ever wanted to watch a child TV star's
life implode?

Finland's Eurovision hopefuls are death metal
Gods Lordi:

Great US 80s style pop-rock:

Famous marijuana smokers:

Clever and nice pigs:

We want to go on a beach holiday with Ricky
Martin and his chum:


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