viernes, enero 20, 2006


>> Cruising for a bruising <<
South park goads Tom "litigious" Cruise

South Park had a new episode pulled from
British TV. Trapped In The Closet involved Tom
Cruise locking himself in Stan's closet, with
the phrase "Tom Cruise won't come out of the
closet" repeated 28 times during the show.
At one point, ex-wife Nicole Kidman was portrayed
trying to coax him out, saying, "It's time for you
to come out of the closet, Tom. You're not
fooling anyone." The final line of the show is
Tom telling the "South Park" kids "I'm gonna
sue you! I'm gonna sue you in England!"

>> Things that make you go hmmm <<
Kittens, La Terremoto, comic books

European soccer news:

Circumcised men - get a foreskin.
Soft, comfortable, tapeless Your-Skin
Cone by TLC Tugger:

Kiss is opening a coffee bar:

The Australian one-eyed kitten:

Vote on the cutest kittens:

Last week's Madonna impersonator is La
Terremoto de Alcorcón" from Spain. Here
she does Michael Jackson:

Bizarrely sexual comic book covers
(No 4 is particularly good):

1960s groupies tell all: