jueves, septiembre 01, 2005


>> Butt Monkey <<
Chinese chimp addicted to cigarettes
A 26 year-old chimp in a Chinese zoo has
started chain-smoking. Ai Ai got a taste for f
ags about 15 years ago when she picked up
cigarette butts left by tourists. Ai Ai
(which means "love love" in Mandarin) recently
suffered the death of her mate, and to
cope with her grief she's started smoking more.
At least eight a day. Zoo keepers are trying
to wean her on to milk instead. So
obviously they aren't worried about obesity.
>> Bunny's too tight to mention <<
Sydney man loves rabbits to death
An Australian man has been arrested after
having sex with 18 rabbits. Sydney police have
charged Brendan McMahon, 36, with bestiality
and aggravated cruelty, after finding a pile
of sodomised rabbit corpses dumped in a lane
in The Rocks.
In his defence, McMahon claimed that he had sex
with the rabbits while high on crystal meth.
His lawyer unsuccessfully applied for bail,
stating that McMahon was willing to surrender
his passport and would undertake not to go
within 50 metres of a pet shop.