jueves, octubre 30, 2014

este video clip es espectacular

Filmed by a camera on a drone, the band members ride motorized scooter chairs made by Honda, which paid for the film. Accompanied by dozens of elaborately choreographed dancers in perfect synch,

For what may be OK Go's best video yet, frontman Damian Kulash, 39, enlisted film director Morihiro Harano. He linked the band with Honda's ad agency and eccentric Japanese choreographer Airman.

As the jubilant opening bars kick in, OK Go splays limbs a la Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain while spinning in a circle atop the seated Segways that feel, like Tokyo, very "2075," Nordwind says.

This sequence -- the video was done in one continuous shoot taking approximately 50 to 60 tries to get it right -- opens with abandoned warehouse in the city of Chiba, about 45 minutes outside of Tokyo. The video was then filmed in double-time to evoke Hollywood choreographer Busby Berkeley's signature manic style.

Harano used a specialized drone camera controlled both by GPS and by hand from an altitude of nearly half a mile. (billboard)