lunes, abril 01, 2013

i wanna be a drag queen

encontré mi drag-name!
here tis:


sí, soy una chica, pero mejor que yo para explicarlo, está la wikipedia:

"A drag queen is a man who dresses, and often acts, like a caricature woman for the purpose of entertaining. 
(...) Generally drag queens are males who dress and act in a female gender role, often exaggerating certain characteristics (such as make-up and eyelashes) for comic, dramatic or satirical effect. Other drag performers include drag kings, who are women who perform in male roles, faux queens, who are women who dress in an exaggerated style to emulate drag queens and faux kings, who are men who dress to impersonate drag kings.
The term drag queen usually refers to people who dress in drag for the purpose of performing, whether singing or lip-synching, dancing, participating in events, or at venues such as cabarets anddiscotheques. In the United Kingdom, alongside traditional drag work such as shows and performances, many drag queens engage in "mix-and-mingle" or hosting work at night clubs or at private parties and events. Drag is a part of Western gay culture."